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Top 8 Most Important Martial Arts Equipments in 2022

Top 8 Most Important Martial Arts Equipments in 2022

If you love boxing then here is good news for you: you don't need a tonne of expensive equipment to participate in martial arts. It's much easier to get started than in other sports. To begin, you are going to need a uniform, which is also referred to as a "gi" (depending on your discipline). However, as your level of training increases, you will require additional gear in order to achieve your goals in the sport. If you are confused about what equipment you should own then don’t worry! In this blog, you can explore a rundown of the essential gear for martial arts training that you will need in 2022. So, continue reading!




Kids MMA Gloves are the ideal gloves designed for little hands! These gloves are made with refined shape for improved finger flexibility and hand protection. The soft, lightweight material is perfect for little fingers to move and grip. With specialized padding and breathable fabric, these gloves offer superior protection against punches, kicks and other blows. These gloves have a wrist wrap closure, extended fingers and a semi-open palm for grappling. They have fully padded knuckles with durable construction to withstand even the most rigorous training sessions. The pink colour will add a funky touch to the overall look of the child. You can check out more colours from our website as well!




If you are a boxer who loves subtle yet elegant colours, the MMA Padded Leather Grapping Gloves can be your next favourite boxing gloves. It provides ultimate grappling control with minimal restriction while playing. These gloves are made from premium quality leather and provide a snug fit, so you will have the confidence to take on whatever your opponents dish out. With padded knuckles and palms, these gloves are perfect for sparring or grappling practice. It offers serious protection for the hands when you need it most. The extra-thick padding covers both the palm and the hook and loop wrist wrap strap ensuring that your knuckles are fully protected when you get into a grappling match. Full knuckles protection means that no matter how hard your opponent tries, they won't be able to break through your defences. These are designed for long-term durability and full-contact sparring sessions. These gloves are made from tough, durable leather that is sure to last even after numerous sessions of hard-hitting sparring. 





The MMA 4FT Grappling Dummy is an excellent tool to polish your MMA grappling skills and enact ground and pound on the dummy or takedowns. This dummy simulates a human opponent, so you can get perfection in both, your technique and timing. This dummy is stuffed with cloth tightly packed to absorb the hits and is also double stitched to not burst easily. So when you are learning how to grapple, this dummy will help make it easier. This dummy is perfect for the gym or home training. It is perfect for those looking for a sturdy, yet affordable dummy to carry with them. The base is also sturdy, allowing the dummy to stand on its own.




If you are looking for a way to improve your punching and kicking accuracy, then you need to check out our boxing focus sticks battens. These sticks are designed specifically to help you develop better guard defence, so you can start knocking out your opponents in no time! These sticks help in improving your footwork, and hand combination speed drills when being struck. They allow for more efficient and accurate striking force delivery, as opposed to using standard mitts. This leads to less impact on the shoulders, making training more comfortable and effective. They can help turn a good boxer into a great one. You can purchase them in pairs. Regular practice with them will improve your reflexes, footwork, hand-to-eye coordination, and guarding technique. Boxing training sticks mimic the movements of a real boxing workout- improving your conditioning and reflexes. They also prevent injuries from Strikeforce impact by adding precision to boxing training. These sticks help improve punching power, accuracy, and speed while reducing fatigue. So don't wait any longer, add these training sticks to your boxing arsenal today!




The Leather Muay Thai Arm Kick Pads are made from full leather and these pads will protect your arms during your intensive training sessions. With a variety of colours to choose from, they are perfect for any martial artist. The padded construction provides extra protection while allowing you to move freely, and the adjustable straps make them comfortable to wear. These pads are long-lasting and durable, as well as easily cleanable. They are also pre-curved to adapt to any contact made during sparring or training. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fighter, these pads will help you take your game to the next level. These pads are designed to provide maximal comfort and support, while also absorbing impact should you need to defend yourself in a fight. Whether you're into Muay Thai or simply want to stay safe while hitting the gym, these pads are perfect for you!




This foam-based protection system helps absorb the shock of strikes, so you can keep training hard without worrying about getting injured. Plus, the sleek design makes this product perfect for any fighter. So whether you are new to kickboxing or a seasoned vet, get yourself a piece of Head Start MMA Thigh Protector and start safety raining down on your opponents. It has a contoured design and is designed to give you a comfortable fitting, making it convenient to wear while you train. Plus, its light weight makes it quick and easy to move around, even when you are getting sweaty. With a hook and loop adjustment on the back, this protector will ensure a snug fit, ensuring that you stay safe during your workouts. And because this protector is adjustable, you can make sure that it fits just right and is perfect for those tough workouts!



The Kick/Bump Shield is the most versatile and practical training tool on the market! Made of sturdy, durable materials, this shield is perfect for footy bump exercises, kicking exercises, punching exercises, rugby, soccer training and much more. Whether you are a beginner looking to improve your fitness routine or an experienced athlete looking to add new techniques to your arsenal, Kick/Bump Shield is essential for your training sessions. The double-stitched handles at the back allow for a strong grip, while the air mesh at the side allows for trapped air to pass. This helps dissipate the energy of the kick, reducing the chance of injury. This innovative product is made from high-density foams to provide maximum protection during training. It's also easy to use and fits most sizes, so you can train with confidence. Whether you are looking to build muscle or stay safe during sparring sessions, the Kick/Bump Shield is the perfect solution.




Are you looking for a way to increase your training intensity and minimize injuries? The Kick Shield with Head is perfect for you! This high-density foam padded shield enveloped in super tough and durable leatherette material provides the ultimate protection for your head during intense workouts. With its snug fit, this shield ensures that your head remains safe during any type of training. Wearing Kick Shield with Head means never having to worry about getting injured again during your training. This shield is made of rugged, durable plastic and comes with a head protection strap for an added level of safety. It's perfect for kick strikes, MMA training, Muay Thai, and combat training demands. The extra durable nylon straps on the back provide comfort, while the rubber grip provides a secure hold. Plus, the lightweight design means you won't feel weighed down when wearing it. This is the perfect addition to your grappling and knee techniques. The extra extension allows for easy positioning and makes it easier to get a good grip on your opponent. The all-new design features holes to release pressure and impact, making it easier to get your head up and avoid serious injuries.


Wrapping Up

It is important to use the right martial arts equipment in order to improve your training and performance. This includes using the right weightlifting gloves, punching mitts, and headgear. By using these items correctly, you can increase your overall strength and conditioning while practising martial arts. In this blog, we have discussed 8 important martial arts equipment that you must not miss out on if you are heading out to practice. Scroll through our website if you are looking out for more interesting options! 

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