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Picking the Perfect Punch Mitts for Training

Picking the Perfect Punch Mitts for Training

For the competitive athlete or recreational fitness fan, punch mitts are a must-have. Perfect your technique, enhance your speed, and boost your power with the best mitts out there! With so many designs to choose from, it's tricky deciding – so use this guide to get the ideal pair for your practice!.

Mitts vs Pads

Punch mitts and focus pads/shields allow you to get the most out of your training. The mitts give you more natural hand-eye coordination while the pads help you build power and absorb full-force strikes. Enjoy the best of both worlds with this combination! Work on your technique while challenging your physical strength. Perfect your punch combos while conditioning your muscles and improving your reflexes for better performance in the ring. Get the most out of every training session with this dynamic duo!

Key Mitt Features

Material and Padding

Mitts offer shock-absorbing foam layers and protective cushioning for impact in vulnerable areas. Synthetic leather is ideal for intensive physical activity. Secure closure and skilled stitching ensure the mitts can withstand tough use. Durability and cushioning are the important details to look for.

Palm Design 

The mitt palms create ideal grip and position for various punching techniques. Open palms make grab-and-strike moves possible. Closed mitts prioritize angles and hand placements. Half-open and curved palms provide an ideal balance. Consider your training needs and striking style when looking for the right palm design. When practicing classic boxing technique, choose a closed palm shape. 

Go for quality leather to ensures you can take heavy punches and long-lasting grip for a smooth and comfortable fit. Get the right palm design to perfectly execute your desired training needs and striking style so you can bring your best boxing technique to the next level.


Mitts range from small to extra-large to accommodate different hand sizes. Measure your hand length and width before selecting a size. Mitts should be snug but not painfully tight. If you’ll share mitts with trainees, err larger. Proper fit helps transfer force properly and stay positioned.


Most quality mitts range from 6oz to 18oz. Heavier mitts take punches better, while lighter options have greater speed and mobility. Consider the striker’s experience level and your training focus. Lighter mitts work for novice technique drilling. Heavier mitts allow advanced athletes to increase strike power.


Care and Maintenance 

All punch mitts require proper care. Use antimicrobial cleaners and sprays to wipe off sweat. Air dry mitts fully between uses and don’t leave crammed in a bag. Replace mitts once the padding compresses or the outer material cracks. With regular cleaning and inspection, quality leather mitts should last for years.

Incorporating Punch Mitts Into Training

Once you’ve chosen the ideal punch mitts, use them consistently to upgrade your skills. Here are some key mitt work exercises:

  • Jab, cross, hook, and uppercut combos
  • Adding footwork and angling around mitts  
  • Body and head movement between strikes
  • Defensive slipping and blocking with mitts
  • Bursts of rapid-fire punching 
  • Alternating left and right power punches
  • Working the inside fight and clinch game

Effective mitt training burns calories, reinforces technique, and builds outstanding hand-eye coordination. Work in dedicated mitt sessions along with heavy bags, double-ends bags, and sparring for well-rounded development.

Choosing the right punch mitts requires balancing your training goals with fit, features, and budget. Prioritize quality leather construction and thick layered padding to get a durable mitt that can handle abuse. Break in and care for your mitts properly. With the perfect punch mitts in your training toolkit, your hands and mitts will be flying in no time!

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