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Read all warnings and cautions to reduce risk of injury whilst using exercise equipment.

Risk of injury can be lessened, when safe techniques and common sense are practice.  Sports training products offer a degree of protection but are not guaranteed to protect the user from any type of injuries. 

Manufactures or suppliers are not responsible for any injuries.

  1. Consult your physician before beginning any regular exercise program.
  2. Always examine equipment for any defects, cracks, cuts, tears, or imperfections before use.
  3. While exercising you should stop immediately if you feel any pain or experience any dizziness.
  4. Fitness equipment are not a toy, and to be used under adult supervision, when used by anyone under the age of 16 years. All packaging must be placed out of childrens’ reach or disposed.
  5. Equipment that is assembled or installed, must do so in accordance with installation guidelines. e.g. any brackets, bag stands etc. should be inspected after installation and before first use, and after reassembly at any new site / location.
  6. All stands, or bracket must be bolted down using the (Stainless Steel DynaBolt Plus Hex Nut Masonry Anchor) these are to be purchased separately, from your local hardware store. (DynaBolt Plus Hex Nut are not supplied by Mani Sports).
  7. In any circumstances no product should be modified, a modification known or suspected serious damage, substantial change in the nature of use occur, you liable to have jeopardised the safety of the equipment.
  8. Equipment used that requires installation must be assembled and installed by professional for any domestic or commercial use.
  9. All lifting accessories such as wraps, straps, lifting straps hooks are designed to provide support, better grip, and comfort to user workout.  Straps are made from fabric and are not designed to stress weight on to the actual fabric or absorb weight.
  10. Dip belts and head harnesses must be used with caution and are not designed to lift more than 35kg in weight. The equipment must be examined every time for crack, cuts or tears before use.
  11. For Punching bags with a D-ring Tie-down feature, it is essential to use the elasticated cord to tie the bags.  Bags D-ring Tie feature is not designed to use rigid straps as this will tear and damage the bag which will not be covered under warranty.