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Mixed Martial Arts Gloves

Looking for the perfect gloves to enhance your Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) experience? Look no further than our collection of high-quality MMA padded gloves. Designed to offer the perfect combination of comfort and protection, our gloves are suitable for both training and sparring. We have a range of sizes and styles available, including gloves for kids. Plus, with our extensive collection of MMA gear in Australia, you can be sure to find everything you need for your MMA training. Get started today and buy MMA gloves that will take your skills to the next level.


Shop Quality MMA Gloves for Training and Competition from Mani Sports

Mani Sports provides high-performance MMA gloves for fighters and athletes in Australia. Engineered for durability, protection, and flexibility, Mani Sports MMA gloves are designed to give you an edge in training, sparring, and competition.

Mani Sports MMA Gloves - Built for Performance

Trust Mani Sports MMA gloves to protect your hands and optimise punching power. Our gloves feature multi-layer foam padding over the knuckles and wrist for shock absorption and impact resistance. The attached thumbs support proper fist alignment, while the open palm design allows for grappling. With durable leather construction and breathable mesh panels, these gloves provide lasting performance and comfort.

Find Your Perfect Fit

With different sizes ranging from Small to Large available, you can find the ideal Mani Sports MMA gloves to match your needs. Use our size chart to measure your hand and choose the right glove weight for training, bag work, pad work, or competing. Putting on well-fitted MMA gloves should feel snug but allow free finger flexion.

Premium Quality MMA Gloves for Competition

Bring your best to the octagon with Mani Sports competition MMA gloves. Our fully padded MMA fight gloves are optimized for fast strikes, clinch work, and grappling. With multi-layer padding and durable construction, these MMA gloves provide the winning edge.

Other MMA and Boxing Gear from Mani Sports

In addition to our quality MMA gloves, Mani Sports also offers:

  • Boxing Gloves - Choose from lace-up and velcro gloves for heavy bags, mitt work, and sparring.
  • Punching Bags - Heavy bags, hanging punching bags, uppercut bags, and more for practising punches.
  • Bag Gloves - Padded gloves specifically designed for heavy bag training.
  • Headgear - Protect your head and face during sparring sessions.
  • Free-Standing Bags - Durable free-standing punching bags that don't require hanging.

Versatile MMA Gloves for Training

Hone your MMA skills with Mani Sports training MMA gloves. Our fingerless mitts allow for open hand grappling while providing padding for bag work and sparring. The grappling glove options offer protection for heavy bag training. Prep for your next match with Mani Sports MMA gloves engineered to perform.


Are there different types of MMA gloves?

Yes, there are different types of MMA gloves. Four main categories include bag gloves for training and sparring; grappling or hybrid gloves for increased grip and protection during ground fighting; competition-style open palm MMA Gloves which provide a snug fit with minimal padding to maximize dexterity; and amateur style boxing/MMA Gloves that offer more padding than the competition variety. it's important to understand your needs before selecting the right glove.

How do I know what size of MMA gloves I need?

To determine what size you need, measure around the widest part of your hand (excluding the thumb) and use this measurement as a guide when shopping for MMA gloves. If you are between sizes or unsure which glove size would be most suitable for you, it is recommended that you purchase one size larger than necessary to ensure maximum protection and comfort during training sessions.

Are MMA gloves supposed to be tight?

MMA gloves are designed to fit snugly, but should not be overly tight. If they feel too tight or uncomfortable when you put them on, it is best to try a different size or style of glove. It is important that the gloves fit correctly in order for your hands and wrists to have proper protection during MMA training and sparring sessions.

Do MMA gloves protect fingers?

MMA gloves are designed to protect both the hands and fingers of a fighter. They provide cushioning for punches, kicks and other strikes while also providing protection against cuts, scrapes and bruises on the knuckles. MMA gloves help to prevent finger injuries by providing extra padding around each individual finger joint.

Do I need hand wraps with MMA gloves?

Yes, you do need hand wraps when using MMA gloves. Hand wraps provide an extra layer of protection for your hands and wrists to help prevent injury during training or fighting. They also add a bit of padding to the knuckles which can help reduce impact from punches and kicks. They keep your hands dry by absorbing sweat so that it doesn't interfere with your grip on the gloves themselves.