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Have you or your child recently taken up a contact sport? In that case, you may wonder if you need mouthguards. The sports guard covers your teeth and is made of flexible plastic to give cushion and shock absorption. Wearing a sports guard is suggested to protect your teeth and jaw from injury during activities when turning to the jaw or head is possible.

A SPORTS PROTECTOR CAN HELP PROTECT YOUR TEETH - Teeth can be chipped, broken, knocked out of alignment, or even knocked out and lost during contact sports, resulting in the need for expensive and difficult dental procedures. A sports guard can be a cost-effective and honest way to help decrease the risk of injury and the need for treatment.

A SPORTS PROTECTOR CAN HELP PROTECT YOUR BRAIN - it helps protect athletes from concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries by absorbing the shock of a blow to the head or jaw. With increasing research and appreciation in recent years of the short and long-term impact of concussions and traumatic brain injuries, sports guards and other protective gear like helmets and face protectors wanted more and more for contact sports.

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