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Top 10 Exercises With A Combination Boxing Bag

Top 10 Exercises With A Combination Boxing Bag

Boxing is a very old sport that has been around for centuries. It is a physical activity based on using one's fists and feet to fight against an opponent. Boxing can be done as a recreational activity or it can be used as part of a martial arts training regimen.

Boxing is an important exercise for athletes because it helps to improve balance, coordination, and strength. It also helps to condition the body for other types of physical activity. Boxing can be a great workout for people of all ages and fitness levels. Do you own a boxing bag? If so then it is time to put it to some good use. If you have a punching bag but you do not know how to use it or you are unsure about the ways that you can use it then you have come to the right spot. In this blog, we have discussed 10 amazing exercises that you can perform using a boxing bag. So, let’s get started!


1. The good old Jab exercise

The jab exercise is great for training with the punching bag. The jab helps work on your shoulders and strengthens your punches. Jabbing is a great way to work on your punching power and conditioning. The jab exercise helps to work on your punching technique and build up your endurance.  It’s an easy exercise that can be done at home as well if you have a punching bag. Just stand in front of the bag, hold it at arm’s length with your left hand, and throw a hard jab with your right hand. It is also an effective way to learn new combinations. When you jab, make sure to keep the fist close to your body so that you are hitting with more power. Punching drills that use jabs help improve accuracy and speed.


2. The Cross Punch

The cross is just as important as the jab. It is very necessary to have a strong cross punch. This is also known as the power punch. The power punch should always work as your trump card in a fight. Therefore it is extremely necessary to have a strong cross punch. This is an easy and effective way to improve your punching skills.


3. The Hook Punch (Non-Dominant Side)

It is important to train your non-dominant side just as important as training your dominant side. In a fight, you would mostly be using your non-dominant side. Therefore it is important that you train your dominant side so that it may be more effective.


4. The Hook (Dominant side)

Boxing is a sport that requires both strength and dexterity. Many punches in boxing are hook punches, which can be delivered from the dominant hand. Whilst it is important to train the non-dominant side it is still important to train your dominant side. A hook punch from the dominant hand could play a huge role in helping you win a fight.


5. The uppercut (Non-Dominant side)

It is vital that you may be able to throw good and strong uppercuts with your non-dominant hand. In a fight, your opponent would not expect that you are able to deliver effective blows from your non-dominant side. However, if you are able to master throwing effective punches from your non-dominant side as well you could potentially become an unstoppable fighter. This is because many fighters rely heavily on their dominant hand when punching, which can leave them vulnerable if their opponent can effectively hit them from the opposite side. However, by learning how to throw punches effectively from your non-dominant side, you can drastically increase your accuracy and reduce the chances of getting hit. Additionally, by incorporating this skill into your overall fighting strategy, you could be more difficult for your opponent to defend against and ultimately win more fights.


6. The Uppercut (Dominant Side)

The uppercut from the dominant side is just as important as any other dominant side punch. Therefore it is extremely crucial that you train your dominant uppercut as your cross and dominant hook punch. If you train your uppercut well, it will become your go-to punch when you need to take down your opponent quickly. By using these punches correctly, you will be able to land more punches on your opponent and knock them out or at least stop them from fighting back effectively.


7. Body-Rip (Non-Dominant Side)

The body-rip punch is a great punch that could be a crucial hit leading to a win in the fight therefore it is extremely necessary that you are trained in being able to throw effective body-rip punches from your non-dominant side. If used correctly, this punch can cause significant damage to your opponent and lead to a victory. Boxing is an extremely physically demanding sport and mastering the body-rip punch will help you excel at the sport. Not only does this punch have the potential to end the fight quickly, but it can also be tricky to land. If you can master this punch, you'll be well on your way to becoming a boxing champion!


8. Body-Rip (Dominant side)

Boxing is a sport that requires a lot of hand-eye coordination and timing. One of the most important aspects of boxing is being able to throw effective body-rip punches from your dominant side. As you must have figured that the body-rip punch is a very important punch. Therefore it is a necessity that you are able to throw effective body-rip punches from your dominant side. Therefore practicing punches from your dominant and non-dominant sides is very important. This will allow you to score points and put your opponent on the defensive. Being able to throw these punches effectively means having good muscle memory and being able to snap your arm back quickly. When throwing these punches, make sure that you keep your shoulder square to your target and do not over extend.


9. The Low Kick Practice

Whilst the combination bag could be a great tool for practicing the various punches it could still be used to practice some kicks. In fact, the combination bag is ideal for practicing low kicks and punches due to its unique shape and size. It can be hard to perfect your low kicks and punches if you are using a traditional punching bag. The shape of the bag is not always conducive to practicing these techniques. But with a combination bag, you can get the best of both worlds. 

Combination bags are specifically designed to help you practice your low kicks and punches. They have a unique shape that makes it easy to practice these techniques. Additionally, they are smaller than traditional punching bags, so they are easier to move around. This means that you can focus on accuracy more than muscle mass when practicing these moves. 

Combination bags are also great for honing your skills in a short amount of time. You don't need a lot of space to use them, which means that you can work on your skills anywhere there is enough room for a punching bag.


10. The Combo

Whilst it is necessary that you practice your kicks and punches it is also extremely important that you practice some fighting combos. If you do not practice your combos then it would be extremely difficult to fight smartly in an actual fight. A good combo is the “Jab, Body-rip, and hook” combo. The way this combo work is that you do a jab followed by a body-rip punch and then followed by a hook punch. This combo would allow you to gain a great deal of control over your opponent and especially if you are able to train yourself in using both sides effectively.

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Wrapping Up

Boxing bag workouts are a great way to get your heart pumping and your muscles working. Boxing is one of the oldest forms of unarmed combat, and punching bags are an excellent way to train for it. By hitting the free stand boxing bag consistently, you will improve your muscle endurance, strength, and coordination. And because punching bags move with each punch, they provide a good workout for your whole body. In this blog, we have discussed 10 exercises that you can perform in combination with a boxing bag and make the most out of your workout session!


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