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How To Turn Your Home Garage Into A Boxing Studio

How To Turn Your Home Garage Into A Boxing Studio

If you are looking for a place to work out and improve your boxing skills, your garage may just be the perfect spot. By turning it into a boxing studio, you can get all the benefits of a gym without leaving your home. You can save money on your gym membership fees and a lot of time going into travelling. 

Have you ever dreamt of owning a boxing studio in your home or in your backyard, but you do not know where to begin? If so, you are at the right place! This blog will discuss how you can convert your home garage into a perfect boxing studio. So, let’s get started!

Why Choose A Garage And Not Any Other Room To Make A Boxing Studio?

A garage is a great place for a home boxing gym as it is located away from the rest of the house and does not require the maintenance requirements that a full room requires. Most of the time, one does not need to worry about sweating or making noise while working in the garage. On the other hand, if you set up your boxing gym in a living room or a dining hall, you may disturb or annoy other members of the family. You can also stay cool and allow in some fresh air by opening the garage door whenever you are training. This will ensure proper circulation of air and ventilation. 

Get Started With Putting Down Some Rubber Tiles

Rubber Tiles are an excellent accessory to include in your at-home boxing gym. Rubber tiles are a must have for a hardwood floor or concrete flooring because it is not only more comfortable to walk on, but also helps avoid your floors from damage that could be caused by the weights or equipment in your gym. When you are bouncing around and practising footwork, it is nice to have a floor that gives you a better grip. When training on hard flooring it is important that you have a floor padding to protect your knees and joints for strain injuries. If you intend to include exercises such as sit-ups and push-ups in your routine, padded floors will make those exercises more comfortable for you to perform. 

Gears And Equipment To Invest In, For Your Boxing Studio

Be it a professional boxing club or a boxing studio at home, no matter how fancy the decor is, your exercises will be incomplete without the right boxing gear and supplies. For your at-home boxing gym to be functional, you will require a variety of apparatus and gear. Here is a list of gears and equipment that you must invest in:

Boxing Accessories, Including Gloves, Wraps, and Other Gears

To begin, let's talk about the boxing equipment in Australia you use for yourself. This consists of hand wraps, punching gloves, and additional accessories such as a jump rope or a reflex ball. Given that this will be a home gym, it is reasonable to assume that you will be concentrating on boxing training rather than sparring. As a result, you may want to invest in a pair of punching bag gloves or a pair of boxing gloves for your training needs (also known as training gloves). I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to acquire a pair of bag mitts because these will give you the perfect way to protect your hand. When compared to a light training glove, using bag mitts will help condition your arms and shoulders more effectively. 

You can go for the Tuff X range for beginners and intermediaries as it is made using high-quality material and will help you get the best level of grip possible!


It is important that your hands are safe at all times, no matter how intense your practice sessions are. It is essential that you have a minimum of one to two pairs of hand wraps. When these are worn under your boxing gloves, hand wraps give your hands and wrists the most necessary and ideal level of protection and support to get you through those challenging workouts at home. If you do not protect your hands with wraps, you leave yourself extremely open to getting hurt. You will definitely not want to break your hand or sprain your wrist because you forgot to wear your hand wraps. Do make sure to invest in high-quality hand wraps. Hand wraps are made using an elasticized material, which makes them very comfortable for regular use. It is also easy to control how loose or tight you apply your hand wraps. You will see that you are getting more productive and your skills are getting polished at a good speed. 

Punching Bag/ Heavy Bag

Moving on to the more substantial apparatus now. Your home boxing gym will not be complete without a free standing punching bag, and it is one of the most essential pieces of gear you will require. 

While looking for your ideal punching bag, you can start with 4ft Punching Kick Bags as it is made using industrial standards. It will surely help you in your workout!


Additional Equipment Options

In the above section, we explored the options that are a must for your boxing studio. Now, let’s focus on some options that will help you in making your intense boxing sessions more interesting.

Focus Mitts

You should purchase a set of focus mitts if you want to engage in boxing training with your Training Partner or with friends. Boxing combination drills should be performed with each participant taking a turn wearing the pads. You can practice striking by hitting the focus pads with the help of your partner. Boxing is a very demanding sport that requires intense focus. When boxers are not able to maintain focus, it can have negative consequences on their performance. One way to help boxers stay focused is by using focus mitts. Focus mitts are specially designed gloves that help boxers keep their hands and wrists in the same position during punches and kicks. This helps boxers to maintain their balance and stability, which can lead to better punches and kicks. Additionally, focus mitts can help boxers improve their hand-to-eye coordination because they need to keep their hands in the same position all the time while punching or kicking.

Ab Roller

An ab roller is yet another piece of fitness gear that you are free to include in your at-home gym. Ab rollers are difficult to use, but if you use them regularly, they can assist you in getting a six-pack and sculpting your abdominal muscles. Many people find the contraption hard to adjust and awkward to hold, but with some practice, it can be an extremely effective tool for toning your midsection.


Weights are another piece of equipment that should be a part of any home boxing gym. It is important to focus on the fundamentals and acquire several sets of dumbbells for exercises such as curls and weighted squats. After you have finished your workout when your muscles are already sufficiently warmed up, throw in some lightweight training. For weighted shadow boxing, you should also think about purchasing a pair of very light weights weighing close to two pounds each. Your shoulders will become stronger as a result, which will help you increase your punching speed.


Boxing stand is a good piece of equipment to have in your boxing arsenal. It helps in giving you the ideal support when punching the bag and makes your practice better. This is because it gives you a stable base from which to punch and also allows you to focus on the movements of your punches.


Speedballs help in increasing hand speed, your reaction time and enhances hand-eye coordination. Other than this, it helps in strengthening upper body endurance, agility and cardio. Speedballs come in all shapes and sizes, with the smaller style one's giving a faster bounce making them harder to hit.

Floor To Ceiling Balls

Floor to ceiling balls, also known as double end bags, are a crucial piece of equipment for boxers of all skill levels. Floor to ceiling balls may be used to punch both the floor and the ceiling. Amateur boxers will be able to utilise them to better their footwork, defensive skills, and movement, while professional boxers will be able to increase their hand-eye coordination and reaction time.

Wrapping Up

Boxing comes with several health benefits if practised regularly. And if you are very passionate about boxing or you do not get the time to step out to a boxing studio every second day then you can go to an in-home boxing studio in your garage. This idea may sound interesting yet complicated to implement initially. But with the help of the tips and guidelines mentioned in this article, you can easily set up a boxing studio at home without any hassles. And while creating the setup, you may look for some boxing equipment online. You can explore the durable and high-quality collection of boxing equipment and accessories we offer at Mani Sports. Scroll through our website to make a quick purchase!

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