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How To Select A Good Hardball Cricket Bat

How To Select A Good Hardball Cricket Bat

Are you a cricketer???

Even better, are you a batsman???

Are you planning to buy a cricket bat and looking for the best available cricket bat online???

If so, have you been wondering about how to select a good cricket bat or what are the indicators of a good cricket bat? If your answer is yes to the above-mentioned questions, then you have just come to the perfect place. After reading this blog you should have a thorough understanding of what a good cricket bat looks like and how to tell them apart from a bad cricket bat.

We will explain why:

1) A good cricket bat should be made out of high-quality, durable material.
2) It should have a comfortable grip and be light enough to swing easily.
3) The shape and size of the bat should also be appropriate for your height and weight.
4) It is important to look for a cricket bat that fits in your budget and does not pinch your pockets!


Types Of Willows Used While Making Cricket Bats

While you are looking for a bat, make sure that the bat have the relevant stickers attached so that you can determine what type of willow the bat is made from. Hardball cricket bats are generally made from two different kinds of willows. There is the English willow and the Kashmiri willow. In terms of sheer performance, the English willow is generally considered to be a better willow for cricket bats in comparison to the Kashmiri willow. This is due to its greater stiffness and strength, which make it better able to deliver powerful shots. Well, then the question arises of how to tell the two different types of willows apart from each other?

The answer to that question is that the Kashmiri willow bat looks much darker in comparison to the English willow bat. Normally the cricket bats have stickers on them that explain whether or not the bat is made from Kashmiri willow or it is an English willow bat.

Now the English willow bats are available in many different qualities. The quality of a good cricket bat is determined by the number of grains that are present on the front part of the blade of the cricket bat. The lower the number of grains is the lower the quality of the bat becomes. Generally speaking, player-quality bats have 9 to 11 grains on them. However, at times the problem with player-quality bats or the bats with more grains is that while you are playing they may feel like the best bats out there, but at the same time, they tend to have a short lifespan and may not last for years. At the same time, if you are playing in Australia the player-quality bats like Ihsan cricket bats, these could be used with ease up to premier-level cricket without the worry of the bat's lifespan being endangered.
Also, consider if you are looking for cricket bats for leather ball or some other type of cricket bats. Once you have decided which bat you want to pick you should try and see if you can find the desired weight in that bat. Generally speaking the bats with a lighter weight come with the same profile is better than the bats that are heavier.

The Balance And Handle Of The Bat

Now that I have spoken enough about the blade/ face of the bat it is now time that we focus on the balance and handle of the bat.
If I talk in general, then the handles of the cricket bat are made from cane. To be specific 5 piece cane. The more the cane pieces the more flexible the bat handle becomes. As the bat handle becomes more flexible it ends up giving the slingshot-like feeling to every shot that you play. With this new flexibility, you can use your wrist and arm muscles to generate more power when hitting the ball. This will give you a better batting experience and make you a better player overall. Thereby it requires the batsman to use less power in hitting a more powerful shot.

Now, sometimes the size of the handle of the cricket bat may differ. Some handles are long whilst others are short. The long-handle cricket bats are designed to be used by taller people whilst the short-handle cricket bats are crafted so that they may be used by people of average height.

Wrapping Up

A good cricket bat should be durable, have a balanced weight distribution and be made from quality materials. You should also be able to tell a bad cricket bat from a good one by looking for certain features, such as poor manufacturing or incorrect measurements. So if you are looking to improve your batting skills, make sure to invest in a good cricket bat!

Now that you have so much knowledge about how to select the most ideal hardball cricket bat, I wish you good luck selecting your cricket bat!
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