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About The Speedballs & Its Significance in Improving Your Game

About The Speedballs & Its Significance in Improving Your Game

Speedball boxing is an integral part of a fighter's training regime. It helps you improve in a myriad of factors as a boxer.

Training with speedballs can develop the shoulder muscles and hones reflexes when we see it from a physical standpoint. Engaging in exercises that involve speed can develop fast-twitch muscles, and helps your brain learn short reaction time.

However, that's undeniable that speedball boxing can have dozens of benefits; let's find out what are those:


Improved hand-eye coordination

One of the most eminent benefits of using a speedball in your training is that you will start to see a huge improvement in your hand-eye coordination. Speedball boxing will force you to constantly be in motion, where you can finally develop a rhythm while also simultaneously striking the ball accurately. During the practice, you may also have to take into consideration that it's hitting and moving within the same area; this way, the ball won't spin or go out of kilter.


Increased accuracy

Speedballs come in two different types; some are free-standing boxing speed balls, while some come with a support of a stand, it depends on an individual's personal goals and preferences what they choose. The speedballs are smaller in size; hence, they move more briskly than a heavy boxing bag, making them a must for improving punching speed and accuracy. As you practice your boxing drills on a tool like this, it allows you to practice for longer periods of time without getting you tired. Speedballs remain intact in one place, and every time you hit them, it causes them to just rock back and forth in a stable motion, making room for more time spent and intense practice.


Improved stamina

Speedball boxing helps you get a good grip, which tends to improve your overall stamina. The speed ball works in a way that requires it to be constantly in motion. This also keeps your hands up high for an extended period. With time and practice, it will get you accustomed to keeping up with the ball longer, and that skill will eventually translate to other aspects of boxing and help you big time while you are fighting.


Increased mental focus

As the name itself suggests, speedballs are speedy; they demand your complete attention when you use them in your training. Hence, it helps enable you to focus on a task at hand; in this case, that would be speedballing. You will eventually find yourself in the groove once you get the hang of it; all you've got to do is don your headphones and find your speedballing rhythm during practice.


Increased shoulder and arm strength

When you train using a free-standing boxing speedball or reflex ball, you work different muscles depending on the height you set your ball. However, it's always more comfortable to keep your speedball at eye level, but if you want to level up and feel the burn in your shoulders, raise it a bit high, which will eventually add strength to your arms and shoulders.


Increased punching speed

As the name implies, it's a speedball, requiring you to train with equipment in constant motion. However, controlling its pace does depend on your hands; it can still bring out the best in you when worked using its fullest potential. As a beginner, you can start at a moderate pace, and your goal then should be building that speed as you practice. Over time, you may notice this change wherein your punching speeds increase even while shadowboxing on the heavy bags. There are software available that can help keep track of your speed so that you can see how far you have reached in attaining your goals. Learn about your true punching speed when these trackers are inserted in your quick wraps. Eventually, compete with yourself to gain a good punching speed when fighting.


What is the ideal height for a speedball?

It continuously varies depending on what you are working on; hence setting your speedball at different heights when working with different muscles makes much more sense. Keeping your speedball to match your face level is a good place to start. But if you feel like getting some extra burn in your shoulder muscles, you can raise your speed bag an inch or two higher and challenge yourself. A technique like this helps boxers immensely, especially those who habitually drop their hands once they start to get tired while sparring.


Do you have to use a glove when training on a speedball?

You may not need proper boxing gloves while training with speedballs; you just need to wear hand wraps or speedball gloves. Hand wraps used for speedballs are just light cloth pieces of fabrics you can conveniently slip on or wrap around your hands, giving good protection to your knuckles, hands and wrists.

Speedball gloves are unpadded, light, and made of leather; add a layer of hand wraps for extra protection. You can even choose to don full gloves, but that can make it difficult for you to strike the speedball successfully because of its size compared to standardised boxing gloves.


Where can you use a Speed Ball?

Mount a speedball at home

These days home gyms have become more of a necessity, and especially if you can’t find a way to train in speedball boxing, you may want to consider getting it back at home. Here are some options for you when you consider getting a speedball in your home.


Fully Mounted Speedball

An ideal set-up for a speedball would always be a fully mounted one; it will give you all the professional feel. Mount an adjustable platform made from metal or a mix of both metal and wood. This way, you will have more versatility when choosing the bag of your choice, and the set-up will be more stable for your practice.


Over-the-door speedball

Over-the-door speedball works equally well for people with sturdy and solid construction doors. They are pretty easy to maintain and put up with; you can easily take them down in a minute.


Double or Quad Tension Doorway speedball

Double or quad tension speedball, also known as floor-to-ceiling speed ball, works for those looking for a lighter and faster speed bag for their home gym. These speedballs can be set up quickly with mounts on your floor and ceiling. The best thing about this speedball type is that they are cost-effective and can be used for punching and kicking.


In a Nutshell

This basic training tool can take your boxing game up a notch. It will improve your skills in many striking areas, from accuracy to stamina. So do not let not having a gym membership hold you back, for Mani Sports' free-standing speed balls and more at-home boxing and kickboxing system allow you to train like a beast at home. Get your hands on them at unreasonable prices.


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