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TuffX Boxing Gloves Red/ White

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The TUFFX series. Why choose it? What is it?

The TUFFX series is Mani’s top-selling series and the most popular series by far at the moment. With a 4.5 Star positivise feedback from customers online, excluding the heaps of satisfied customers who have bought in-store. The TUFFX series provides you with everything you demand to have in boxing gloves, for a reduced cost, without in any way, undermining the quality.

At Mani Sports, we believe the best glove, is a glove that takes care of quality. The shape of the glove and design is key, to provide comfort.

With an extra padded front, to ensure less impact on the knuckles when you throw that smashing punch, and a super secured wrist to fit solution, this glove ensures the chances of injury are minimized, proportioning to a greater, better, and more comfortable experience. The glove also has a joined thumb, to ensure, once again, the safety of the user. These gloves are great for using for sparring, kickboxing, Muay Thai, martial artist as well as much more.

 Key Features

  • MATERIAL-Leatherette
  • Wrist Wrap Hook & Loop
  • Machine Injected Mold Padding
  • Fully attached thumb

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