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Punching Bag Workout Station 3 in 1 Bag, Punch Ball & Speed ball Stand

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Constructed of solid powder-coated steel. This super versatile and sturdy 3 in 1 Adjustable Boxing Stand can accommodate a punching bag, floor-to-ceiling ball, and a speedball is easily adjustable for different users. Engineered for adjustable speedball platform height it comes complete with D-ring on the bottom to tie the floor-to-ceiling ball and three weight bars for adding additional stabilization and also give you the opportunity to bolt the entire stand to the floor for great stability. This stand is highly recommended for circuits and high cardio workouts.


This stand is constructed to hold 1 Punching Bag,1 Speed Ball, and a Floor to Ceiling ball. The frame has been designed to bolt to the ground or add weight plates to hold it down to the ground for the safety of our customers and to ensure you have the best exercise experience with the stand not rocking back and forth.

The main function for this 3 in 1 Bag Stand is to hang a punching bag, speedball, and floor-to-ceiling ball.

Weight capacity: 25-28kg

Please note this is preorder, stock available from mid-October 

Punching Bag, Speed Ball and a Floor to Ceiling ball (sold separately)

Assembly Instruction sheet

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Important Note: Read the Equipment use guideline before installation or use.

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