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Kick/Bump Shield Small

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The Bump/Hit Shield is excellent for multiple training exercises. It is great for footy bump exercises, kicking exercises, punching exercises, Rugby exercises as well as soccer/football training. The double-stitched handles at the back allow for a strong grip . Furthermore, the air mesh at the side allows for trapped air to escape, hence not allowing the shield to get "bloated" and also not allowing the shield to burst. The shield is also made from High-Density Foams to allow for harder training and strong punches/kicks. The double stitching in the shield is to allow for a longer lifetime for the shield as well as to reinforce stress points on the shield which most commonly burst.


Key Features

  • High density foam padding
  • Holes to release pressure and impact
  • FOUR handles for varies holding combinations
  • Reinforced stitching on stress points
  • SIZE: 30.5x38.1x12.7cm
  • Each
  • Kick Shield, Shield, Bump Shield, Hit Shield, Punch Shield, knee Shield

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