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Fitness Sliding/Gliding Discs Blue

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Challenge your core!

The gliding discs are excellent for multi-functional fitness exercises. Due to their slipping feature, it allows the discs to work on all muscles on the leg/arm. The core of the slip disc is made from high-quality material and is durable and easy to clean. The grip at the back of the disc is made from high quality to allow for a long product lifetime and also to give the best grip possible. Slip discs are also excellent for hip exercises to remove unwanted fat around those muscles. They are also excellent for high-intensity planks as well as for on place launges. 

The discs also take very little space, hence not limiting your training routine and allowing for exercises in and away from home. The discs should be used on smooth surfaces for the best outcome and training and work best if cleaned regularly.


Size 9" (23cm)

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