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Aerobic Stepper 97cm long

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Aerobic steppers are excellent for many exercises. Steppers can be used for, well stepping if trying to target the calf/quads muscles, they can be used for elevated pushups to work extra hard on those triceps, or they can even be used for side jump exercises.

This aerobic stepper has TPR padding, giving a good grip on the top, to ensure no slipping occurs during a workout. This keyboard also provides more space for various types of exercises and also for 2 people to work at once. Furthermore, the stepper is made from Ulta tough durable plastic to last a long lifetime and also to give a good, stable exercise. The curved design of the stepper is to avoid possible injuries when either going on or off the stepper or even mid-workout.

The stepper is also used very widely in the "cardio" world due to the efficiency and effectiveness of the workouts that involve this.

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