Several types of focus mitts are available made in various materials, some are Leather and some are man-made. Focus pad mitts are essential tools for training to Increase speed, power, coordination and technique with our collection of focus pads, suitable for non-martial artists and martial artists. Variety of these pads styles come in different sizes and weights.

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Classic Leather Focus Pad
Deluxe Vinyl Focus Pad
Delxue Leather Curved Focus Pad
Floppy Kick Mitt Double
Floppy Kick Mitt Single
Gel Curved Focus Pads
Gel Curved Leather Focus Pads
Head Start Series Belly Protector
Head Start Series Focus Pads
Ladies Coaching Pads
Leather Focus Pads
Leatherette Curved Focus Pad
Lth Arm Pad Red
Lth Arm Pad with Stud
Lth Mauy Thai Pads
Pro Gel Curved Leather Focus Pads
Punch Mitt Pad
Round Shield Small
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